Equal Marriage becomes law!

Lynne Featherstone MP celebrating the third reading of the Bill on Monday (credit: http://www.complicity.co.uk/LordsEqualMarriage/)Lynne Featherstone MP has expressed her delight today, as the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was granted Royal Assent and consequently has become an Act of law.

The first marriage ceremonies are expected to take place by summer next year.

The Liberal Democrat MP has been at the forefront of the process to secure equal marriage since it was first confirmed as Liberal Democrat policy in 2010, having brought the policy to the Home Office and initiated the Government consultation process in March 2012 in her former role as Equalities Minister.

The MP for Hornsey and Wood Green has been awarded ‘Politician of the Year’ for her efforts by Attitude Magazine in October 2012.

On her blog, Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“I am so happy – that’s it – just so happy. You go into politics wanting to change the world for the better – and here is my little bit of it.

“Tributes to all who have helped over the ages in the step by step journey to equal marriage – but especially to those who have had to suffer the discrimination and bigotry that made its path so painful.

“And very best wishes to all those who will now get married. As Ben & Jerry put it on the special ice-cream tub they sent me to thank me for my work instigating equal marriage: ‘Everyone deserves to live Apple-y Ever After’

“…and so they do!”

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  1. Tremendous news – this is a landmark achievement. Bravo Lynne and all those who have fought so hard to make this country a better, more inclusive society.

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