How bad is your road surface?

Have you noticed an increase in the number of potholes in your road recently? Or are the ones that have been there for years getting worse?

Every month, I receive emails from constituents who are concerned about the state of their roads.

And it really is no wonder. Labour-run Haringey Council have neglected our roads for years and years, preferring to pay out compensation for terrible accidents, than actually investing in our road surfaces.

Just now, after years of pressure from the Local Lib Dems, the Council have said that they will take action on our roads.

I thought this was good news. But then, I saw this map. It highlights the roads which the Council think are in good or bad condition. Here is a picture of a road that they think is in good condition (Cecile Park)

Cecile Park

This doesn’t fill me with confidence in the Labour-run Council’s road repair blitz. The Haringey Lib Dems and I have been collecting information separately, directly from residents, about the condition of our local roads.

Step by step, we are presenting the results to the Council and asking that they make the necessary repairs.

Residents of Haringey – take a look at the map and see what you think about the Council’s assessment of your road. If you don’t agree, or if you know of a dangerous pothole / stretch of road in Haringey that needs repair, just let me know, and I will add it to our list.

1 thought on “How bad is your road surface?

  1. Dear Lynne,

    I reported an accident I had on Wednesday 17th April, where I tripped over the cover of a manhole/drain which was on the pavement, near the wall.

    I suffered whiplash, internal bruising and suspected fractured ribs.

    I received an email from you asking me to give details of address etc.,

    My fall happened at the bottom of Crouch End Hill, outside the :

    Kings Head Pub,

    2 Crouch End Hill

    N8 8AA

    The pavement area is a disgrace and I could have ‘tripped’ anywhere within that area.

    Yours sincerely,

    Connie Gibbes

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