Stroud Green must stay in Hornsey & Wood Green

GreenN8 has put together a clip with Stroud Green’s residents and LibDem politicians explaining why the Boundary Commission should leave Stroud Green in the Hornsey & Wood Green constituency and not move it into Tottenham.

Here is the film marvellously put together by Ofer:

0 thoughts on “Stroud Green must stay in Hornsey & Wood Green

  1. Do the Lib Dems have an alternative proposal for Hornsey and Wood Green?

  2. Lynne’s hypocrisy again – votes for the cut in the number of constituencies and then panics when this cut threatens her majority.

  3. Anonymous hypocrit – it may interest you to know that Labour and Conservatives are also in favour of Stroud Green remaining in Hornsey & Wood Green! That blows your theory!

    And to Charles – yes it was in the party’s submission to the Boundary Commission – so I assume will be on their website. This was a party submission – and although I was asked my view – the decision was taken by the local LibDem party. (And for info – my view was that we needed to ask local people how they felt about it. They have now made it very clear they do not want to change constituency).

  4. I fully agree with your stance. The division of Stroud Green will split the community apart, with one side belonging to Wood Green and Hornsey and the other being part of Tottenham.