Lynne Featherstone MP welcomes new campaign to help energy customers ‘Plug the Debt’

Lynne Featherstone MP welcomes a joint Consumer Focus/Citizens Advice campaign which aims to help advise people who are falling behind with their energy bills.

With temperatures starting to plummet, many people face the challenge of how to afford to keep their home warm this winter. 63% of people in London are unsure whether they can afford to pay their energy bills this winter, according to the watchdog Consumer Focus.

The most recent figures show that new cases of household energy debts nationwide have increased by 20%.2 Consumer Focus and Citizen’s Advice are concerned that many more people will be pushed into debt to their energy supplier this winter, with average price increases of 14% due to hit homes. The organisations have launched the new awareness campaign – ‘Plug the Debt’ – to help people know what to do and what their rights are when they fall behind on their energy bills.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“With many of my constituents worrying about affording their energy bills, it’s very timely that Consumer Focus and Citizens Advice are reaching out to residents to provide information on how to cope.

“It’s clearly of concern that the number of people with debts on energy bills is set to rise and these residents need to get the right help. It’s essential that people know that they can turn to their energy provider for assistance with managing their debt.”

Mike O’Connor, Chief Executive of Consumer Focus, said:

“A toxic cocktail of higher energy prices, rising bills for other essentials and falling incomes could push more people into debt with their energy company this winter. We want people to know that help is out there. We’d urge people to get in touch with their energy firm as soon as they think they might have problems, before debts start to spiral. You can also get in touch with Citizens Advice or the Home Heat Helpline to find out how you can cut your bills.”

Gillian Guy, Citizens Advice Chief Executive, said:

“Each year we help thousands of people who are in debt because they can’t afford their fuel bills.  Hikes in prices are making a tough time much harder for many.  We urge people to check that they aren’t missing out on any benefits or tax credits that could ease the pressure on their finances – and if they are in debt, to get help immediately.

“Worryingly, around half of people in the UK don’t know their energy supplier has to help them if they fall into debt on their energy bills.  Lynne Featherstone MP wants to let her constituents know that help is out there and to urge people to contact their energy company or local Citizens Advice Bureau if they are having problems paying their bills.”

Consumer Focus and Citizens Advice are making people aware of the following 5 top tips if they fall behind with their bills:

1.    Always contact your energy supplier as soon as you realise you might have trouble with paying. Debts will build up and be harder to pay off, the longer you leave them. Your supplier has a responsibility to help you if you have problems paying your bill.

2.    Tell your energy firm what you can afford to pay – they have to take this into account in agreeing repayments of the money you owe.

3.    Ask your energy company, your local Citizens Advice Bureau or call the Home Heat Helpline 0800 33 66 99 to find out about other free energy help available.  For example, you could qualify for a discount off your bill or free insulation to help your home stop leaking heat and cut your bills.

4.    Even if you are in debt you may still be able to switch to a cheaper deal with your current supplier, especially if you pay by cash, cheque or pre-payment meter. If you pay by pre-payment meter and have less than £200 of debt you can also switch to a cheaper deal with another supplier.

5.    Financial help is available which could make it easier to afford your bills – check you are receiving all of the benefits and tax credits you are entitled to by getting in touch with your local Citizens Advice Bureau or visiting

Anyone who wants to find out more about getting help or advice through the ‘Plug the Debt’ campaign should visit or contact their local Citizens Advice Bureau.