MP supports local school in fight for education for all

Lynne with year 7 studentsOn Friday, Lynne Featherstone MP visited Alexandra Park School to support a Year 7 class in its campaign to get schooling for the 67 million children in the world currently out of education.

The Hornsey and Wood Green MP heard each student talk about what had inspired them to back the ‘Send My Sister to School’ campaign, and in turn promised to write to the Prime Minister with their stories. The campaign aims to get school children across the world to call upon their governments to deliverer on a promise that the world’s countries made in 1999, to give all children access to primary education by 2015.

The coalition government is already taking steps to reach the goal. Through the aid budget, it has already secured schooling for 11 million children by 2015.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“It’s very heartwarming to see the students getting involved in such an important campaign. It is utterly wrong that so many children across the world don’t have access to education, but I think this campaign has the potential to really make a difference, with over 4000 schools following Alexandra Park’s lead.

“The government is committed to delivering more education to children across the world; within the current aid budget, there is scope to deliver education for 11 million children. To add some extra pressure, I will certainly be passing on the Alexandra Park students’ concerns to the Prime Minister as well.”

0 thoughts on “MP supports local school in fight for education for all

  1. Education certainly is extremely important.

    You’ve written countless posts on the gender pay gap when in fact the gender education gap is far bigger, more blatant and something actually caused by the government.

    What actions are you taking to address the gender education gap to ensure that both girls and boys get a decent education. Also why do you refuse to write about such subjects, preferring to sweep them under the carpet?