Local Liberal Democrats visit new school in heart of Wood Green

Lynne Featherstone, Katherine Reece, headteacher Simon Garrill and Heartlands studentsTo see how pupils and staff are settling into the new Heartlands school in Wood Green, Lynne Featherstone MP and Councillor Katherine Reece, on Friday, got a special guided tour by students.

The Hornsey and Wood Green MP and the Liberal Democrat Childrens’ Spokesperson explored the brand new Station Road school, together with students representing the different ‘houses’. The pupils guided the Liberal Democrats through the amazing top of the range facilities, including a drama hall, sports hall, numerous IT rooms, music rooms, arts hall and restaurant.

Heartlands, which opened its doors to students in September 2010, has so far taken on 160 students in Year 7. By the time the school is full, it will be teaching over a thousand 11-16 year olds from across the Wood Green area.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“It’s been really inspirational to see such an amazing space. The school has absolutely top notch equipment, and all the rooms and different spaces young people could ask for. And it’s clearly an inspirational space for this group of pioneering students, who are the first caretakers of this fantastic school.

“I especially like the star-themed ‘houses’ that they have here at Heartlands. This sense of belonging to a group, feeling pride and working with the group’s best interest at heart, using the Hogwarts houses as inspiration, seems to really work.”

Cllr Katherine Reece, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Children and Young People, adds:

“The school clearly has excellent leadership in headteacher Simon Garrill, and kids who are keen to learn in this great environment.

“I wish them all the best for their continued journey in the next academic year, and look forward to seeing the school grow in years to come.”

0 thoughts on “Local Liberal Democrats visit new school in heart of Wood Green

  1. This would be the new school funded under Labour’s school building programme and secured as an accountable local comprehensive school by the Labour Council, wouldn’t it?

    Slightly churlish not to give that a mention, particularly as under Coalition plans it may be many years before we see such a facility again in Haringey.

  2. Precisely Charles.

    Lynne and her new best mate Gove have put a stop to all this nonsense of building new top class and accountable schools.

    Ok now cue all the Fib Dem sycophants from nowhere near here to pile into this moribund blog to tell us what a marvellous job our local MP is doing for us all.