Pinkham Way

Was out on Saturday morning petitioning against the proposals for a new,
giant, waste processing plant at Pinkham Way. So many people worried and
anxious: traffic, pollution, noise, disturbance to wildlife habitat for starters.

In April, I asked David Beadle, the managing director of the NLWA to speak at a public meeting to raise awareness about proposals to build the waste plant and to listen to local concerns before the NLWA submitted the planning application to Haringey Council.

He refused.

That says it all really. Being at a public meeting and being prepared to listen to local residents, before submitting the plans, would have gone some way towards giving residents assurances that their concerns will be heard.

The NLWA is a public body funded by local tax payers – they should feel duty bound to attend a meeting and engage with residents over these major plans. Mr Beadle said he found public meetings unproductive and preferred presentations to small groups!

There is an online petition about the plans which you can sign, or if you’d like to find out more about the issue see my recent blog pieces on Pinkham Way here. There is also good information on the Pinkham Way Alliance website here.

The issue will be discussed at the 16 June meeting of the Muswell Hill, Alexandra, Highgate and Fortis Green Area Forum: 6:30pm at the British Legion on Muswell Hill Road, N10 3NG.

0 thoughts on “Pinkham Way

  1. There is no point to any such meeting if the central developer is not attending, nor will he address our concerns and therefore we can talk all we want in forums until the cows come home.

  2. While we’re on the subject of unwanted toxic rubbish, the BBC reports that ‘Oxford University academics have delivered a crushing vote of no confidence in Universities Minister David Willetts.

    History professor Robert Gildea said the changes to university funding were “reckless, incoherent and incompetent”.


  3. Have been out an about in recent months opposing a giant waste of space in Hornsey and Wood Green. So many people worried and
    anxious: vicious job cuts, vital services shut and a threat to our health service for starters.
    In January/February/March/April and May, I asked Lynne Featherstone, our MP to speak at a public meeting to explain her actions and to listen to local concerns before well, resigning would be good…

    She refused. That says it all really.

  4. Lynne Featherstone,

    As Equalities Minister in Parliament, what do you think of the planned cuts to equality services in Haringey and the so-called consultation in cuts to services such as Citizens Advice Bureau and Haringey Equalities Council and many other grassroots organisations who support vulnerable people????

    You know that in 2012 most of the services in Haringey voluntary sector could be cut? What is your views!?!

    Do let us all know.