Another leap forward for Lynne’s fight for fair funding

Lynne Featherstone MP on Seven Sisters Road. Schools in Hackney on the right hand side get £1540 per pupil more than schools in Haringey, on the left hand sideLocal residents have this week joined MP Lynne Featherstone and local Liberal Democrats in a defining moment in the four year battle for fair funding for Haringey’s schools, by jointly sending in a strong response to the government’s school funding consultation.
At least fifty local people united behind Lynne to help send a clear message to the government that they should take the opportunity to end the injustice of Haringey’s schoolchildren receiving up to £1540 less than pupils in neighbouring boroughs.
The consultation, that ended this week, was the first of a two part consultation into school funding. This first leg sought views on creating a fairer school formula which campaigners say needs to consider the fact that Haringey pays inner-London costs but the current system only gives the borough’s schools outer-London funding – now £1540 less per pupil. 
The second part of the consultation is expected to take place later on this year and look into the finer details of the funding system.
Lynne Featherstone MP comments:
“It’s amazing to see how residents here in Hornsey and Wood Green can be united to help fight for such an important cause as fair funding for our children’s schools. Together we have made a really strong case for correcting the historical injustice that sees out children being short-changed by up to £1540 each, and finally get funding equality with pupils in neighbouring boroughs.
“For thirteen years, Labour underfunded Haringey’s schools, and ignored plea after plea for justice. It’s great to see Lib Dems in government taking decisive action for fairer school funding.”
Cllr Katherine Reece, Liberal Democrat Children’s Spokesperson, adds:
“This could be another giant leap forward in our four-year campaign for fair funding. I’m glad that so many residents have taken the time and effort to get involved – without them this would not have happened.
“This was the first of a two leg consultation, and we all look forward to mobilising the parents of Haringey to make an equally strong case in the next leg, likely to be launched in the summer.”

0 thoughts on “Another leap forward for Lynne’s fight for fair funding

  1. A whole 50 people. Why it’s practically a mass movement.

    Let’s hope Lynne that the government- oh hold on that’s you- take more notice than they did of the 499,950 more who marched to tell you what they think of the government’s other policies- oh hold on that’s you again. Or does 50 equate to half a million in your fantasy world of proportional representation?

  2. Oh, don’t worry about the youthful zest of my friend Mr Jogee. He is just jealous that LibDems are in a position to do all the things his government failed to do.

    But did we have the public backing of Tony Brockman and all the other full-time NUT reps that you have so energetically supported in the past? Or of Haringey’s Education Department? Or the Tottenham MP, whose constituents are equally affected??

  3. John,
    What would those things be? A “leap forward” on schools funding? Or it “could be…” according to Cllr Reece? We’re still waiting for these achievements I think. We do of course have the U turn on university fees, free schools and so on, and a “pupils premium” filched from elsewhere in the schools budget. Anything else to celebrate?

  4. Hi- just want to confirm that the ‘Adam’ who commented and clearly some thought was me, is not actually the ‘youthful Mr Jogee’ nor the actual Jogee. I only commented on this now because it was brought to my attention. And I simply wouldn’t want ‘Adam’ to have his comments attributed to me, for he should enjoy the fruits they bear himself.

    Thanks Lynne. I’m guessing (hoping) you didn’t think it was me… Contrary to public belief i’ve a little more panache than to resort to hurling abuse on blogs.

  5. So, Mr Labour Party chairman Jogee, that will be a tactical ” No comment” on the actual issue under discussion- the repeated, massive Labour underfunding of Haringey’s schools – will it?

    Or weren’t you affected by that?