Haringey Liberal Democrats ask for views on Pinkham Way development

Liberal Democrats have renewed their calls for consultation with local residents on the controversial plans for a depot and new waste processing facilities at Pinkham Way.
Earlier this month local councillor, Juliet Solomon, met with Council bosses to highlight the complete lack of any consultation with residents in Alexandra ward and to raise a number of their concerns, in particular the impact of the additional lorry traffic on an already busy area.
Cllr. Solomon and Lynne Featherstone MP are now asking for all local residents’ views on the proposals so they can ensure that these concerns are clearly taken into account when they meet in a few weeks’ with top bosses at the North London Waste Authority (NLWA).
Last week residents in Bounds Green met to discuss the issue and agreed to fight the plans, highlighting their concerns over the size of the development, the noise and traffic created by the 24-hour facility and the potential storage of methane gas.
Lynne Featherstone MP comments:
“It’s clear from the many residents’ meetings over the past week that many people think they are being left out of a massive decision that will affect their community greatly.
“Liberal Democrats want local residents’ voices to be heard and that is why we will be going to NLWA armed with concerns from local people. I ask that anybody who is concerned get in touch and we will make sure that NLWA sit up and listen.”
Cllr Juliet Solomon (Alexandra ward) adds:
“I am still not convinced that council bosses fully understand that local people deserve to be consulted. This is the largest development in this area for years yet many people feel that their concerns are being ignored.”

0 thoughts on “Haringey Liberal Democrats ask for views on Pinkham Way development

  1. I’m curious; how many votes do you think this new “mansion tax” will cost you in Muswell HIll, Crouch End and Highgate where almost everyone is a property baron living in a “mansion”.

  2. It’s a pity they didn’t bother alerting residents when the initial consultation for this massive waste plant was still open – or where Lynne and our feckless local leaders waiting to work out which side of the fence to climb down onto?