Bits and pieces

Just a reminder whilst I am posting that you can learn a lot from Mark Pack about what is going on inside the Liberal Democrats by visiting his informative newsletter here.

Also, I am aware that my blogging has been a bit non-existent recently. Next week the Protection of Freedoms Bill starts its passage through committee and myself and James Brokenshire will be taking it through. I hope to be able to blog its passage – time permitting.

0 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. I likedd “There are two things I can’t stand about Nick Clegg- his face.”

  2. Any comment on the lack of implementation of the dual discrimination clauses of the Equality Act “to save money”? Surely if this is going to actually save businesses money (presumably, because discriminating against employees is cheaper than not doing so) that implies that there is dual discrimination going on, but the government doesn’t believe this is a problem?

  3. sorry, Lynne, what’s this mysterious “you can learn a lot from Mark Pack about what is going on inside the Liberal Democrats” – why don’t you tell us as you are our MP (though not for much longer).

  4. Oh come on, surely you could have made some room to slag off Labour in your posting and tell us why it’s all their fault…. you normally do.

  5. PS apparently Nick Clegg wants to change the name “Lib Dems” because it’s so unpopular – any suggestions?

  6. Lynne, is there anything you can tell us about the LibDem Sheffield Council’s £220 million budget blackhole?

    Apparently, they’ve front-loaded savings and reserves – leaving a massive black hole unaccounted for the in the council’s finances. The next administration (likely to be Labour) will need to make swingeing cuts in the 2012/13 budgets and beyond because the Lib Dems have used up all the savings.

    Ah, so now we know why LibDem councils are able to go easy on the cuts to frontline services. I’m surprised that you haven’t felt the need to speak out in horror, at let’s face it, is a very deceitful/cheating/misleading practice – do you consider yourself to be a fair person or not?

  7. In between the tumbleweeds blowing past I would just like to congratulate Lynne on winning the Brass Neck of the Year Wward for her “fill the potholes” photo stunt on the front page of the Journal.

    Sadly for her, though, she plainly does not understand that when one is in government the old style Lib Dem photocalls no longer work because people know you are responsible for spending and policy. Indeed people think attempts to pretend otherwise are a calculated insult to their intelligence (because they are).

    Watching Lynne look miserable as hell when sitting on the frontbench recently I almost felt sorry for her. Then I remembered she had brought it all on herself. I hope she cries herself to sleep.