0 thoughts on “Haringey – the truth will out (2)

  1. Gilligan is, of course, an entirely unbiased source, with no axes to grind. You can tell that by the way he provides links to original information, gives the council’s side of the story, and makes sure he has the correct information rather than just speculating on what, for example, the food budget goes on. Oh, wait, no, he doesn’t do any of these things.

    Face it, Lynne: if the government cuts weren’t so bad, why did so many of your Lib Dem colleagues in local government write to your Tory colleagues in central government to ask them to think again?

  2. I thought Labour would have cut by 2bn more than the coalition on front line services?

  3. Lynne, you are absolutely right, councillors from all spectrums are plaing a part in getting rid of our public services which we pay for. however i dont understand how you distance yourself from this?

    If you had any ideals left wouldnt you follow up your zeal locally with representation in parliament? I mean your voting record just doesnt match up to your anti cuts rhetoric. I think its time you educated yourself about this deficit, does it make sense to cut at all when companies like vodaphone and marks and spencers are dodging billions in tax?

    I hope your conscience weighs heavy on you because your governments decisions are going to ruin a lot of lives and dreams.

  4. Gilligan is seriously biaised – did you read it. Anyone doubting his hatred for Labour only had to follow his coverage of the Elections for London Mayor and his articles and columns in Boris Johnson’s daily newsletter, the Evening Standard, to know how deep his hatred is.

    You voted for these cuts, you should have the guts to take ownership of them.

    Personally, I think you’re at about gutter level trying to pin the blame in the Haringey Labour Council – look in the mirror, you are the biggest part of these cuts in Haringey. You’re the story.

    Call an election.

  5. Lynne, if you are of the view that Andrew Gilligan ‘tells it like it is’, I suggest you read some of the comments below his article so you can get a nice warm glow from some of the lovely people with whom you clearly now share the moral high ground. Don’t tell them you are the equalities minister though, doesn’t look like it would go down too well.

    Also are we to deduce that the Lib Dems’ plans were they in control of Haringey would be on the lines Gilligan suggests? i.e. slash the pay of staff, end funding to all minority and community groups and end any transport / food provision for disadvantaged / at risk people as they can obviously all just get the bus or Tube on their own, then pop in to a cheery chicken takeaway for lunch?

    Incidentally, before your search for the truth leads you to jump to any conclusions, I am not one of your political opponents nor a member of the Labour party. Just one of your confused constituents.

  6. Totally off-topic I know, but I wondered whether you had anything to say about health or your conference in general.

    No, thought not…. you probably feel just a little bit unconfortable now that the party has spoken albeit with a warm smile no doubt.