0 thoughts on “The Truth will Out

  1. If Labour is so bad, why is it that they won Barnsley? And if the Lib Dems are so good, why did they come sixth in that election and lose their deposit?

  2. Grounds for judicial review?

    And if they are cutting the youth services by 75% which services (or whatever) are being protected?

  3. These are your cuts.

    The poorest councils are the worst hit as a result of YOUR cuts.

    What sort of neanderthal government does that to the poorest?

    Do the honourable thing and resign.

  4. What exactly do you mean Lynne? Are you refering to cuts that local authorities across the country have been forced to make because your party and the Conservatives have cut the amont of funding available to them? Please can you elaborate a little on what you mean, taking into account the role of your own party?

    In relation to youth services, I am also curious to understand what your stance is on the recent huge increases your government has passed on tuition fees not just for youth in Haringey but for every single citizen of the United Kingdom wanting to engage in higher education.

    I suppose I am just a little confused by some of your messaging.

  5. The video highlights the fact that young people care passionately about the provision of services by the State. I’ve seen similar appeals by people who care about the NHS, the provision of services for elderly people and support for the disabled among others. Perhaps you could take this message – that people want to see a continuation of publicly provided services – to your Tory masters in Westminster Lynne?