Your constitution – LibDem manifesto commitments commenced or delivered to date

Lib Dem Manifesto p.89 “We will introduce fixed-term parliaments to ensure that the Prime Minister of the day cannot change the date of an election to suit them.”

The Fixed Term Parliaments Bill, which legislates for fixed term Parliaments, is in the process of going through Parliament.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.87 “We will give people a real say in who governs the country by introducing fair votes.”

The Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill is currently before Parliament. It provides for a referendum on the Alternative Vote, a new, fairer electoral system, most likely to be held in May.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.92 “We will scrap the Government Offices for the Regions and regional ministers.”

We have scrapped the Government Offices for the Regions and regional ministers, devolving some of their powers and resources to local government.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.92 –“Give the National Assembly primary legislative powers so that it becomes a true Welsh Parliament. We also support passing on a greater number of responsibilities to the National Assembly.”

A referendum on extending the law-making powers of the National Assembly for Wales is to be held on 3rd March, 2011.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.92 “We will implement the recommendations of the Calman Commission to give significant new powers and responsibilities to the Scottish Parliament.”

The Scotland Bill had its first reading on the 30th November. It implements the recommendations of the Calman Commission, devolving landfill tax and stamp duty, and introducing a Scottish Income Tax and new borrowing powers.

0 thoughts on “Your constitution – LibDem manifesto commitments commenced or delivered to date

  1. In your previous blog you wrote:

    Lib Dem Manifesto p.73 “Require better recording of hate crime against disabled, homosexual and transgender people.”

    In December 2010 I launched the government’s new equalities strategy, which includes a commitment to promote better recording of, and response to, hate crimes.


    But surely there’s a difference between *requiring* something and *promoting* something. The former means legislating to ensure that it happens. The latter means it’s been demoted to a mere aspiration.

  2. Come on Lynne, back to work. I know the beach is probably lovely, the sun shining and the cocktails to die for, but you haven’t been fooling anyone that you have been around for the past couple of weeks with these bonkers manifesto blogs.
    I know I might be wrong – she might not be sunning herself at all – perhaps it’s apres ski and a spot of snowboarding with Georgie Osbourne in Kloisters.
    They are all in in together you know….

  3. AV may be slightly less unfair (though even that is debateable) but it certainly doesn’t constitute ‘fair votes’, IMO.

  4. @Helen

    I reckon it’s the beach sharing the £8000 a week villa in Barbados with Zac Green Green Goldsmith.

    Anyway, let’s all hope that the LibDems lose in Oldham East and Saddleworth. I wonder what lessons they’d take from it….. hmmmmmm, none.

  5. @ Helen & Bob

    I don’t know if you understand, but coalition government is when two different parties join together to form one government. This does not mean they go on holiday together, and indeed share all the same beliefs. Coalition is in fact a relatively common form of government around the world. The Wikipedia entry on the subject is quite good, so you might want to look it up to help correct your misconceptions.

  6. Cllr Butcher

    What an incredibly patronising post. I am sure people do understand the nature of coalition but probably do not understand why the LD do not seem to have stood up for many of their manifesto policies – the 60% they do have are the ones which are pretty bland or common to all parties. All the major pledges have been water-down or abandoned.

    What I would like to see is some LD independence and strength in standing up for the things they believe in – something that has been lacking.

    The sight of Clegg and Alexander cheering and clapping on the back of Osborne after a vicious spending review and Cable abandoning what he pledged will stay with me for a long time.

    Coalition is a justified method of government but it does not necessarily mean capitulation.

    Mind you, I am one of those lefty types who voted for you – apparently my kind are not wanted anymore

  7. Interesting that, lately, the only comments on this entire blog that could be described as “supportive” of Lynne’s musings have come from LibDem activists, LibDem MPs, and LibDem councillors. Oh, and Justin Hinchcliffe – the raving loony Tory of Tottenham – of course.

    Nobody else seems to be supporting her position any more. Least of all constituents who foolishly voted for her in the last election, like myself.

  8. @ Councillor Ed

    I don’t know if you understand but satire takes place when one person says something to another one that is designed to hold folly up to ridicule, often for the purpose of making a specific point.This does not mean that Helen necessarily thinks gorgeous George and our Lynne are on a beach together, or indeed are even sharing the same towel. Satire is in fact a relatively common form of political comment around the world. The wikipedia entry on the subject is quite good so you might want to look it up to help correct your misconceptions.

  9. Five years for fixed term Elections is a fairly long time in comparison to the rest of the world….

  10. It seems to me that it is the LDs who are propping up the Coalition, since the Tories seem far too often to be either not ready for govt or not understanding that govt in this country has to be done a lot better (or both). Witness in the last few days Bernard Jenkins’ Committee’s scathing attack on the wimpish cull of the quangos, and Francis Maude’s foolish attempt at justifying the dinosaur-like laid back Tory Grandee approach that has allowed yet another opportunity to gee up the civil service slip through their fingers.

  11. When (?) the Government offices for the Regions were culled you say that authority and money was passed to local governemnt. Can you please be more specific.