Your justice – LibDem manifesto commitments commenced or delivered to date

Lib Dem Manifesto p.74 “We will make prisoners work and contribute from their prison wages to a compensation fund for victims”

The government’s sentencing green paper included proposals for ‘working prisons’ to get prisoners used to working regular hours, and to contribute toward financial reparations for victims

Lib Dem Manifesto p.75 “We will give people a direct say in how petty criminals and those who engage in anti-social behaviour are punished by setting up Neighbourhood Justice Panels”

The sentencing green paper also included proposals for increasing the opportunities for communities to become involved in local justice through Neighbourhood Justice Panels

Lib Dem Manifesto p.75 “Champion restorative justice programmes which make offenders confront their behaviour and are more successful at reducing crime”

The sentencing green paper also includes proposals to make more use of restorative justice as a more effective punishment

Lib Dem Manifesto p.74 “Move offenders who are drug addicts or mentally ill into more appropriate secure accommodation.”

As of June 2011 we will pilot drug recovery wings in prisons, reviewing this in June 2012 with a view to working with the Department of Health to roll it out more widely.

The sentencing green paper proposes to pilot and roll out liaison and diversion services nationally by 2014 for mentally ill offenders, and increase the treatment capacity for offenders who present a high risk of
harm where this is linked to a severe personality disorder.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.73 “Require better recording of hate crime against disabled,
homosexual and transgender people.”

In December 2010 I launched the government’s new equalities strategy, which includes a commitment to promote better recording of, and response to, hate crimes.

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  1. Hi Lynne

    Happy New Year to you.

    Given the move on trans hate crime, you might be surprised that the Department for Education has excluded transphobic bullying from
    its White Paper, “The Importance of Teaching”, even though the
    “Engendered Penalties” survey of trans people showed that:

    a – Half of the natal males and two-thirds of the natal females
    experienced bullying
    b – Physical abuse and even unwanted sexual behaviours occurred in a
    majority of these cases
    c – About a quarter of the people who participated in the survey had
    been bullied by teachers.

    I will be proposing that the matter of the omission be included in the transgender action plan.


  2. Paula – Don’t expect anything to change as the Lbi Dems have sold out on equality issues, even when the issues affect people who get bullied at school. In the hands of this coalition government, potential legislation to force improvement has simply been replaced by aspirations that bullying won’t be tolerated.

  3. Did the manifesto have anything about the police expelling innocent people form their houses without trial based on nothing other than allegations?

    Is that what the Lib Dems consider to be “justice”?

    I’ve seen a number of Conservatives speaking out against this disgusting policy, any Lib Dem who is true Liberla shoudl do so too.

  4. Paula, Dave is correct. There is no justice in the equalities department. That said, consider yourself lucky, as you are part of one of Lynne’s pet groups. At least you’ll get *some* remedy, unlike those of us not in Lynne’s favour.

    Lynne won’t respond to me, lest she upset her Tory friends for being seen fraternising with a lowly illegitimate child.

    No visa so children born before 2006 to unmarried British fathers can fast track easily into UK citizenship? It’s what the LibDems wanted for illegal immigrants. So why not something for children born illegitimately?

    We kids shouldn’t need such a thing as registration of birth satisfies any possible nationality quandaries – as was determined in 2009 during the Borders Bill.

    Still, even if it weren’t true, that you don’t push for other avenues for illegitimate children, reveals you to be nothing more than a birth status bigot.

    Lynne, perhaps your constant focus on marriage equality at conference reveals your utter disdain for any bastard child not fortunate enough to be born in such a union you constantly fight so much for.

    An idea to remove this discrimination was presented as an idea on the Your Freedom site. How long did you have to stifle your laughter once you read it? Did you call Brake to have him re-tell you the “who’s your daddy?” joke that he told during the Borders debate last year?

  5. Dave

    On the trans marriage issue, there is no justice at the Ministry of Justice who were responsible for flawed gender recognition legislation (the GRA assesses the most individual aspect (gender) in ones legal relationship/or the lack of it) context!

    Yes, I know that Lynne is supportive of the marriage issue, having attended the Libdem conference (as an observer). Whether she can persuade government to move towards a solution remains to be seen.

    On trans matters, (alas) the lesson of history is that government is dragged unceremoniously through the courts before anything significant changes.

    Moving to your point, I agree that things are very unfair. It seems as if you are being penalised for the ‘sins’ of your parents. What is the difference in time between using the fast track and the normal visa process?



  6. Paula,

    Currently, there is absolutely no path to citizenship for any child born prior to 2006 to an unmarried British father. Nothing. I was suggesting a fast track visa or some sort of ancestry visa to be created for us, despite the fact that the government confirmed in 2009 that if we have our births registered, we will be okay to become British citizens. My concern is that Lynne has stated otherwise by relaying incorrect policy, and has shrugged her shoulders about this issue when Lord Avebury and other Liberal Democrats have fought tirelessly for citizenship equality for decades.

    Lynne was also part of the push last year to end this discrimination, and we are wondering why the change of faith. Brake presented the clause, and his performance was fine, despite his poor joke. We kids felt that it continued the tired old stereotype that a child born out of wedlock doesn’t know who their own father is. That a dad cannot be part of a child’s life unless he is married to the child’s mother. We all know this isn’t true, but with Phil Woolas gladly lapping up the joke, it ruined any chances for us to be considered valuable.

    Myself and other children in my position are shocked that a visa for illegal immigrants to fast track to UK citizenship is in the Liberal Democrat manifesto, but there is nothing to address the historical discrimination against all children born out of wedlock. We are worried that Lynne is being guided against equality by May and Green and this is concerning.

    We kids just want the chance to have what all other children born to British parents have, including some of us who have siblings eligible for UK citizenship.

  7. Funny how Lynne still refuses to comment why she helped pushed for Amendment New Clause 7 (legitimacy) in June of 2009 for the Borders bill, but now has changed her tune about her feelings for supporting registration of birth for children born illegitimately prior to 2006 to British fathers so they can acquire British citizenship. Seems she is now against us having any rights.

    Still waiting.