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I was sad, but not surprised, to read Iain’s last blog post yesterday telling us that he was stopping blogging. Over recent months it was clear that his other commitments (publishing and now a show on LBC every weekday evening) were so time consuming that his four or five blog post per day diet was no longer possible.

Iain also said in his post that he was fed up with the viciousness and backbiting – presumably of comments – which populate political blogs.

And perhaps, most important of all, he said he was no longer enjoying blogging.

He is not alone in ceasing a long term blog – Tom Harris (a Labour MP) who had been blogging for years recently quit. Iain was saying on the radio this morning that he believes it damages political careers as parties regard bloggers as maverick. But Tom’s was an excellent blog  and it is a great shame that he stopped. I have been blogging for around eight years too – and it is becoming difficult to find enough time and I can’t blog as much as I used to.

I have particularly enjoyed Iain’s blog for many years. He has always had that really special quality – his own voice in everything he writes. And even though his political allegiance has always been completely clear (Conservative – in case anyone doesn’t know) he has often been very critical of his own party – and sadly – almost always critical of mine. But The cross-party relationships that developed and exist in the blogging community transcend party differences and I think Iain has given a huge amount to politics.

I remember when he bravely went where no one had gone before – and started an intelligent political TV chanel – 18 Doughty Street. I was on the political panel on opening night – and it was a joy to have proper political discussion. Sadly – it didn’t survive. But Iain has moved on. I listen to LBC a great deal. There is no better forum for listening to what London thinks about an issue on a daily basis – and now Iain has his own program.

I wish him every success for the future.

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  1. So now you’re plugging a new radio programme by a right-wing Tory.

    ‘Nuff said.

  2. The viciousness and backbiting was largely Iain’s own work.

    Is the start of your withdrawal from blogging – because it only worked for you when you got the chance to pontificate to a small audience of fans? Now you have been exposed as a charlatan, the blog must make uncomfortable reading. Perhaps you will stop – the equivalent of putting your hands in your ears and singing ‘la la la’.

    The thing is, the criticisms will still be there even if you refuse to hear them.

    In the meantime, do you have anything to say about the massive financial cut to Haringey’s council services imposed by your Government and how that will affect anyone you know know who isn’t a millionaire, like your constituents for example?

  3. Bravo Helen!!

    when i first read this i did think that Lynne only wrote this story as a “warning” to us. Since the tuition fees debacle her “following” has increased remarkedly, unfortunately for her this blog has effectively been taken over and is now a platform for us to air our grievances.

    Message to Lynne, keep your promises and better serve your constituents, rather than turning blue, and all the “viciousness and backbiting” will cease. If you stop blogging then it will just be another occassion when you have take the cowards way out!

  4. A later radio interview given by Iain Dale suggested that his retirement from blogging was rather like a Sinatra farewell concert. Clearly, he will be back.

  5. Russell – absolutely astonishing video. The lying, cheating b*****d. How could anyone think of giving any support whatsoever, even for a millisecond, to a party led by such a moral and intellectual cretin?
    I can’t wait for that “Michael Portillo moment” at the next general election when the people of South Sheffield reply to his arrogance.
    That’s if they haven’t all given up on democracy thanks to his gross deception and decided not to bother voting.
    Lib Dems, you are helping pave the way for fascism by your contempt for the people you are supposed to represent.