From Pride with Pride

Just back from the Pride march – what an amazing event – what a wonderful day! 

There is something so empowering, so overwhelming – about marching, expressing – having a demonstrative voice. So much of the time there appears a passivity – as if nothing can be done, nothing can change. But from the Stonewall riots 40 years to today’s Pride march in the London sunshine – every gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans individual that has had the courage to stand up against  prejudice and fight discrimination – has shown the courage and determination that can change and has changed the world.

I spent the first half of the march at the front with Boris Johnson and Nick Herbert – the policing Minister. Then I walked back through the march to find the Liberal Democrat contingent. They had produced fabulous placards for all of us which said ‘Liberal Democrats – Proud to represent you in Haringey, or Hackney or Richmond or Government or London.

And in the LibDem contingent were lots and lots of LibDems from various boroughs – and then there was Brian Paddick (stood for LibDem mayor of London); Caroline Pidgeon (Leader of the LibDem group on the London Assembly); Ros Scott, (LibDem President); Sarah Ludford (LibDem MEP for London). Ed Fordham (LibDem candidate for Hampstead & Highgate); Ed Butcher, (Councillor in Haringey) and many, many, many more – including Steve Gilbert (MP for St Austell  & Newquay).

Then towards 3pm I had to make my way to the stage area in Trafalgar Square where Nick Herbert and I were going to give short speeches.  Dr Christian from ’embarassing bodies’ introduced us.

We had decided to go on together – as a double act – so to speak. Nick spoke first and told of his selection and election – and how the selection committee, when he told them he was gay, had said no probs! Nick got a huge cheer when he opened by saying that he was gay. I couldn’t match that – but nevertheless – also got a good reception when I spoke about ending the ridiculous situation where a man who had consensual sex with another male (over 16) 30 years ago would still have that come up on a criminal record check. It goes. And how it wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair that LGB&T people still felt too frightened to report hate crime – three out of four hate crimes still go unreported and what we are going to do to put in the support to encourage reporting. And how it wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair that children, six out of ten children, experience homophobic bullying at school and how we are going to support teachers in tackling this terrible experience which can scar a child for life.

It was a really beautiful day – and I have come home filled with Pride.

PS Huge thanks to the organisers – fantastically well done!

0 thoughts on “From Pride with Pride

  1. Oh well done Lynne.
    A big thank you for being so open and supporting us today.
    As I am sure you well know [see some of the remarks on your previous blogs] , there is still a great deal of work to be done to persuade some people that we are not depraved monsters.

  2. I think we have come so far in the past 30 years on the gay related issues, however we must remember the other equality issues which I know get forgotten (not by you Lynne).
    The disability hate crime issues are just as important many years ago being gay was discriminated against and due to the good work carried out by many people (not just Stonewall) the culture is changing, the disability hate crime figures are on the increase campaigning for this is a must. If you want to join the campaign please visit the web site

  3. We had Boris, Nick Herbert, MP, Iain Stewart, MP, Margot James, MP, Roger Evans, AM, Andrew Boff, AM, Richard Merrin (Hornsey and Wood Green), Sean Sullivan (Tottenham) Matthew Sephton (Salford) and countless councillors, officials, activists, supporters and former PPCs. See

    Ed Fordham conested Hampstead & Kilburn, not Hampstead and Highgate.

    Thank you, Lynne, for your continued support in LGBT matters.

  4. Any chance you can get your new friends Boris & Nick to stop trying to bring back bloodsports?!