England v Horticulture

I wish I had stayed at the Highgate Horticulture Society’s 150th birthday celebration.

This beautiful and amazing garden is open on the 10th and 11th of July to the public. It is glorious. You would expect those who are involved in horticultural pursuits to have a nice garden – but this is a wonderland of meandering colour, plants and trees of absolute delight.

The house (and garden obviously) belong to the Chair and his wife, the Treasurer, of the Highgate Horticultural Society and this was their Summer Garden party to celebrate the anniversary of the Society’s very first flower show in 1860!

So I had a lovely time wandering through the blaze of colour and talking to the guests – but left to be home in time for the England kick-off.

I wish I hadn’t bothered. I now feel miserable and depressed. The only up side is that had we got through to the quarter finals – I wouldn’t have been able to watch as I am going on and speaking at the Pride march next weekend!

It’s not much of a silver lining.

0 thoughts on “England v Horticulture

  1. “Miserable and depressed” – have you just heard about the Budget? Please. You don’t *have* to vote for it of course… But I expect that Cabinet bribe, sorry, post, means you will.

  2. Oh poor you.

    How about you respond, respectfully, to the 90-odd comments posted about the ConnedDems budget and divert your energy according to the interests of your constituents?

  3. I went to a garden fair at Pages Lane in Musewll Hill on Saturday- my daughter goes to a very busy and popular play group there.
    The topic of the day with the mums and dads was about Lynne Featherstone’s hypocrisy.
    I was told about this website as a way of leaving feedback.

    It’s a shame she’s so depressed about the football when most people are worried sick about where this budget will leave them.
    I find the content of this blog shabby and distasteful, regardless of the current climate.
    Shame on you.

  4. I was hoping the world cup would lift the spirits of the country as since the budget everyone I speak to is feeling really down hearted. However, that is not the case what a shame!!!!