28 Days – on its way out

I had a couple of emails wondering why 28 days detention without charge was being carried on for another six months as announced in the press this week.

Basically – the measure has to be renewed annually or you get left with nothing at all. The deadline to lay the new annual order arrived but the review of this particular measure along with other counter-terrorism legislation is not ready. So – the Home Secretary has extended the 28 days measure just long enough (ie not the whole year) to cover the time needed. In fact – it might have been able to be even shorter – but the recess comes in the middle – hence the six months.

The sooner we get to reduce it the better!

The extension of this order may come to a vote – or not – depending. It will be interesting to see what Labour do as, if you remember, it was Labour who wanted 90 days detention without charge.

28 days was a face-saving climb down position from a Labour back-bencher which was eventually agreed to as the only way of stopping Labour’s mad anti-civil liberties drive. Given that even the 28 days isn’t actually used – 90 days is now exposed as complete authoritarian madness – which it was – Labour authoritarian madness.

0 thoughts on “28 Days – on its way out

  1. If the National Libs & Cons wished to reduce the 28 days detention limit (which is effectively renewable anyway, just the suspected terrorists’ mates get tipped off) they would have.

    It is Britain’s security which is being discounted, as they hike VAT in true blue fashion.

  2. I very much hope everyone in the coalition hold their nerve with regard to restoring our civil liberties and keeping their promises to us.

    Not just 28 days wither, removing innocent people form the DNA database is even more important as is protecting vicitms of false rape.

  3. “I very much hope everyone in the coalition hold their nerve with regard to restoring our civil liberties and keeping their promises to us.”

    When families are homeless and jobless they will be so glad that their civil liberties have been restored.

    And keeping their promises???? Where have you been for the last 6 weeks – in a cave on mars?


  4. Edward- I agree.
    I couldn’t give a monkey’s about CCTV camera’s (they give me a bit of reassurance round where I live anyway).
    I more bothered about staying in the house where I live and having enough food for me & my family.

  5. Thanks for the information Lynne, it is good to know things are moving along in the government.
    I am very concerned however to see the timetable for the Equality Act 2010 has been taken off the website and I can only assume it is being reviewed. I do hope the act will not be either delayed or changed in anyway because the LIB DEMS have always been so much more for equality than any other of the political parties. This would be a disaster for your party if you were to compromise your values and beliefs in this area.

  6. The issue for me is ensuring that our rights to justice are upheld across the board. There are many rights being infringed through social injustices. Lets keep going and address these issues.