New Wood Green police front counter opens today!

From 1pm today, Wood Green Front Counter Service is moving to the Fishmonger’s Arms which is next door to Haringey Civic Centre. Sensibly – this is much nearer the heart of Wood Green where there is a high foot fall. It is literally a couple of hundred metres from Shopping City, the excellent transport links and the bus garage.

What is so much better is that the interview areas are separate from the waiting area – so privacy is maintained. There is also a hearing loop facility and low level counter – compliant with Disability Discrimination Act legislation.

Its actual address is Fishmongers Arms, 287 High Road N22 8HU and it will be open 24/7.

But people have got to use it. Having fought for so long to get 24 hour opening – I know that the local commander will be monitoring closely how many people use it during the unsocial hours. If it is not used – he will come back to me and argue that it is not cost-effective and be looking to go back to the old hours.

There are many ways to report crime, visit for more information. In an emergency always dial 999

0 thoughts on “New Wood Green police front counter opens today!

  1. Ms. Featherstone.
    All due respect, this posting is small time council stuff; which whilst I’m sure we’re all highly appreciative etc to the police….. I’d rather your ‘blogs’ focused on the bigger picture now that you are actually in Government.
    For example, on the day when Cameron announces there will be astronomical spending cuts, I’d be interested to know how you square the circle of this worrying state of affairs, given Nick Clegg’s completely opposite stance on this strategy when campaigning pre the May election.

    It was interesting to see such hypocrisy fully exposed in yesterday’s Observer article.

  2. Nick – all due respect – but whilst you think this is small time stuff – as a constituency MP (as well as a Minister) a police front counter opening 24/7 in new premises is important news.

    And it isn’t hypocrisy. Coalition government doesn’t mean identical views (as you point out) but it does mean that post election and post coalition agreement we do have collective responsibility for what is carried out in the coalition government’s name.

  3. Sorry, but I think you’ve missed my point.
    Many of your constituents voted ‘for you’ due to the national stance taken by Clegg on this- and a wide range of other issues.
    It’s called the integrity of sticking to your principles- hence how do you square this circle….?
    I could go on – but having witnessed your reluctance to sensibly face up and reply to the (growing) discontent on these pages related to the stance(s) you now take, compared to the campaigning blogs and standpoints you’ve previously adopted over the years (which got you elected!) – I don’t think I’ll bother.
    A dismissive one-liner about the ‘collective responsibility’ doesn’t provide any logical reasoning, merely hand-wringing apologetic nonsense.
    But as it seems to cause you no concern, is it any wonder why so many people are disillusioned with politics/politicians these days?

  4. I think the issue raised in this blog is an imporant one and should not be dismissed knowing how people feel about reporting crime. I agree with the comments above from Nick we do have to look a the big picture it is very imporant and both parties do need to stick to their own principles but if we are to move forward as a society we cannot ingore the smaller picture which I think is what Lynne was saying and it is equally important.
    Fighting crime and reporting it is important for all of us in our communities bringing this facility to the community, getting this message out to people and making them aware of using it is also imporant. I know the economy is a focus at the moment and many people will be very worried (including me) but I do not want any of this issues lost in this focus on budget cuts etc, I do not want to see the days when we had massive unemployment and the misery that caused, we also still need to be aware that there are other issues on the govenment’s such as equality which is equally imporant and should not be lost.

  5. I think this pinpoints the dilemma you face, Lynne. You have been widely respected as an excellent constituency MP and the Wood Green police story is a good example of the active role you play. That’s great.
    However, as Nick points out, you are now in government. It is a government led by Tories who are planning huge cuts in public spending, leading to massive job losses and substantial reduction in services many people rely on. David Cameron has not been shy in telling us how awful it is going to be.
    You remember what happened to Barbara Roche over her support for the Iraq war. This is an intelligent electorate and the enormous swing vote ejected Roche and put you in as our MP.
    The same could happen again at the next election if you continue to support this right-wing coalition.
    I suspect that secretly your heart is not really in it. So you have a choice, it seems to me: either continue supporting Cameron’s Tories or resign your position, resign the Lib Dem whip and take a properly critical stance. That way, you have a hope of being reelected next time, and you regain your integrity. Otherwise I fear your political career will be over come the next election.

  6. I think Mark Whitehead makes a good point about Barbara Roche. She was a terrific constituency MP who only lost her seat – to Lynne of course – because of her support for an unpopular government, and particularly its stance on Iraq. I would be much more comfortable to see individual integrity from Lynne rather than “collective responsibility”. Perhaps then she will escape Ms Roche’s fate.