Great Ormond Street Hospital – no confidence in CEO

I missed this on the news – but caught it on the BBC website this morning.

Over 40 consultants have apparently signed and handed over a letter of no confidence in the CEO and senior management of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Ever since I got involved with the excellent child paediatrician, Kim Holt, who tried to raise concerns over the management and processes in Haringey’s child protection health team (which was managed by Great Ormond Street and included the doctor who failed to recognise Baby Peter’s condition) and who has been on ‘special leave’ ever since for her trouble – I have wondered whether the management would ever be brought to account.

I have been working on Kim Holt’s case now for three years.

Kim is supported by thousands of her colleagues who recently handed in a petition to the Secretary of State for Health.

I succeeded in getting an ‘independent’ investigation by NHS London into her case a while back – which reported about six months ago.

Ms Holt is a senior child paediatrician with an unblemished and exemplary record (as stated in the investigation by NHS London report) but she has been blocked from returning to her post for three years now – since she raised concerns about the management of child protection in the Haringey health team. The report recommended mediation as a route back to work.

However the Trust needs to be a party to the mediation in order for the dispute to be resolved.

Given that the Trust is the organisation against whom Ms Holt was a whistle blower, the Strategic Health Authority should ideally be commissioning the mediation process. Otherwise this is tantamount to handing back to the organisation that Ms Holt has made allegations about, the full responsibility for determining her future.

So – to find today – that over 40 consultants have taken such a serious step as signing a letter of no confidence in the CEO Jane Collins – would seem to back up everything that Kim Holt has experienced in trying to get her job back!

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  1. So it’s now government policy that there is no confidence in the CEO or have you not grasped that “collective responsibility” thing yet?

  2. The CEO at GOSH must take some responsibility for the issue of Baby Peter if warnings were given before he died. There are so many very good consultants in this hospital and they have saved the lives of so many children it is imporant this issue is dealt with quickly so the good work done is not tarnished.
    In answer to the above comment is it not everyone’s responsibiltiy (including the government) to be interested in our public services and to ensure all society is well cared and catered for?

  3. It is very clear that Lynne has been gagged by collective responsibility.

    She has nothing to say about the immediate backtrack from anonymity for defendants in cases of alleged rape. A barmy policy anyway.

    She has nothing to say about the dark warnings coming from best mate Cameron as he puts together his plan to break the public sector, reduce welfare benefits, throw hundreds of thousands of people on the dole, decimate communities outside Buckinghamshire, “change our whole way of life” without our mandate to do so, take us into the worst depression since the 1930’s, cut education budgets, introduce “easy” councils, extend payments for meals on wheels (now done in some councils where takeup has reduced by 50%- malnutrition for the old and needy anyone?)…. the list is endless.

    She has nothing at all to say about the cause of it all. Greedy banks trying to maximise profits and bonuses not from work but from electronically pushing money around with Cameron’s old Etonian buddies in a way that should have led to jail sentences. Now recouping huge bonuses but no doubt creaming off profits form the interest on the debts we are servicing that they caused to begin with.

    But why say anything when you can lazily ignore it all and blame it on the previous government. And don’t worry. We are the ones who will pay. And as Dave says it will be painful.

  4. I have voted for Lynne Featherstone in more than one election but feel concerned about the way she seems to be targeting the CEO of Great Ormond Street Hospital, Jane Collins. I am a Consultant at GOSH and last Tues evening, at a very well-attended meeting, (almost) all the Consultants at GOSH met and expressed, by an overhelming majority, support for Dr Collins and senior management at GOSH. An enormous amount of excellent work is done at GOSH and the CEO and management team support this work. The recent media reporting of the situation at GOSH has contained many inaccuracies. It is interesting to note that since a press statement was released on Tues evening to the effect that the overhelming majority of Consultants supported Dr Collins and the senior management at GOSH virtually nothing further seems to have been reported. I think Lynne Featherstone should reconsider her campaign against the CEO and senior management at GOSH in the interests of the hospital and all the children that are treated there.

  5. I have only just seen this blog, but I was at the meeting referred to above.
    There was not overwhelming support for the CEO. There were a number of doctors who stood up and raised their concerns. The BMA was heavily criticised for supporting these doctors who were trying to raise concerns. Kim Holt explained that she had been offered money by the Trust but the expectation was that she stayed quiet about what had happened in Haringey. If the Trust have nothing to hide, why would they want to silence her?
    She is working in the main hospital so she cannot have done anything wrong?
    She showed other doctors the proof with an agreement. I looked at it myself.
    I think that thee sooner the full story comes out into the open the better and then the hospital can move on to what it should be concentrating on , which is caring for children.