Liberal Democrats announce key election pledges

Haringey Liberal Democrat launchFreezing Council Tax until at least April 2012 is a key election pledge announced by the Liberal Democrats. Ahead of the launch of their manifesto next week, Haringey Liberal Democrats revealed six key pledges in their bid to take control of Haringey Council in the upcoming local elections on 6th May 2010 and put an end to the failure under Labour that has led to Haringey being the worst-run council in London.

The six key pledges are:

1. More police on the beat – We will put more police on the beat when and where they are needed most with new 24 hour local police teams.

2. Fairer funding for our schools – We will fight to end Labour’s unfair school funding system, which gives every Haringey child £1,000 a year less than children in neighbouring boroughs.

3. Secure future for Children’s Services – We will end the culture of cover-up and secrecy on child protection, and protect funding for vital children’s services.

4. Freeze Council Tax – We will freeze Council Tax until at least April 2012, by cutting waste – such as Labour’s £3m PR budget.

5. Cleaner streets – We will clean up Haringey’s streets with 200 more litter bins and a ‘Clean Streets Warden’ from every neighbourhood.

6. Real action on the environment – We will take real action on the environment by boosting recycling and investing £5 million in a fund for green projects.

Commenting Councillor Robert Gorrie (Hornsey), Leader of Haringey Liberal Democrats, says:

“We have been listening carefully to local residents – and this has formed the basis of our pledges today. They will be the foundation for the type of council we want to run – one that puts the people it serves at the heart of everything it does.

“A Liberal Democrat administration will hit the ground running, with a clear set of priorities. Residents are fed up with high council taxes, but poor council services. This will change under the Liberal Democrats.”

“The fresh start will begin on the 7th May.”

Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey & Wood Green, and former Hariangey Councillor adds,

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can challenge Labour’s stranglehold of Haringey Council. With these pledges, local residents have a clear idea of the difference they would see if the Liberal Democrats take control. The fight is on!”

0 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats announce key election pledges

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  2. What about regeneration projects? Some parts of the district (for example, parts of Green Lanes, and parts of the Tottenham High Road particularly near Bruce Grove) are generally very run down and in real need of redevelopment or regeneration.

    Do the Lib Dems have a strategy for this, or to encourage more high-street type businesses to the area?

  3. how about tackling some of the current concerns in the borough such as rat runs in residential areas? and the carjacking also known as resident parking permits which are now a lucrative cash cow for the robbers in station road?

    no, didn’t think so….because the lib dems are the highway robbers who’ll push up the cost of parking permits eh?

    an answer please?

  4. par – given that it is and has been a Labour administration for 40 years – the cost of parking in this borough is at their door.

    However, that is the point, there is a need for parking regulations – but they should always be about safety, traffic flow and rationing scarce space fairly – not about revenue raising!

  5. what is the liberal democrat policy on residents parking permits in haringey?

    we receive enough literature through our doors on an almost daily basis, yet it is policy light.

    enough of the labour/tory bashing, lets hear the facts please?