LGTB community see through Grayling and Cameron

Grayling’s real thoughts, as exposed by the Observer (where Grayling says that B&B owners shouldn’t have to admit gay couples if against their Christian belief if the B&B is in their own home) and David Cameron’s stuttering inability to answer on gay issues during an interview with Gay Times has seen Conservative poll ratings fall amongst the gay community in response to a Pink News survey.  http://bit.ly/aaQDqb

I should hope so too!

Making the right noises for political purposes is not enough – and the Conservatives have been exposed as still having a very long way to go to transform their real position into a genuinely liberal one. This debacle has demonstrated the reality behind the warm words.

0 thoughts on “LGTB community see through Grayling and Cameron

  1. I was on LBC 97.3 yesterday fighting the corner for not only the gay communitity but also for the LibDems and DELGA
    Cameron has failed to act on homophobic comments within his own front bench which is indicative of where the Tories really stand on this issue….

  2. Well, we know they’re not proper liberals…

    Afterall, no liberal would allow that pernicious smoking ban to stand, now would they?

  3. Strange how Lynne is so keen on this issue yet didn’t utter a word when Jenny Tonge were being anti-semitic (particualrly strange given Lynne’s Jewish roots).

    Further still, there’s a Lib Dem councillor on trial this week for racially aggravated harassment with the incident in question occurring in a council meeting!, so I hope there will be a piece on that too.

    and BTW I generally vote Lib Dem before anyone asks