Whittington A&E – Story 12

Alice’s story:

Over the 16 years that I’ve lived in the area, I’ve had to use the A&E at Whittington Hospital on several occasions.  Having an A&E just a short bus ride away makes all the difference; when you’re in a situation that requires attention at an A&E, you don’t necessarily have the presence of mind to take everything you need with you.  I’ve had to take both my son and daughter to the A&E at Whittington Hospital and it is just a comfort to know that if we need to fetch anything from home for them like a teddy or pyjamas then we won’t be away from them for long.  I’ve also been grateful for an A&E being close by on the two occasions when I had miscarriages and while waiting in A&E is never a particularly pleasant experience, knowing that I wasn’t also miles away from home was reassuring.  I hate to think how much worse it would have been had I needed to travel many extra miles just to get to an A&E department.