Liberal Democrats demand action as CCTV post remains vacant

Liberal Democrat Crime Spokesperson Cllr Ron Aitken has demanded action after it was revealed that a key Haringey Council crime-fighting post has been left vacant for several months.

Minutes from Haringey’s Safer Communities Executive Board (18 February 2010) show that the post of CCTV Manager has been vacant for several months at a time when residents have been demanding measures to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. The funds allocated for the post have been used to provide temporary cover, but the Liberal Democrats say the lack of a permanent post-holder has caused other initiatives to be stalled.

Cllr Ron Aitken, Liberal Democrat Crime Spokesperson, comments:

“The lack of a permanent CCTV Manager is affecting other aspects of Haringey Council’s crime-fighting strategy.

“For example, a request by the Queen’s Road Neighbourhood Watch for a CCTV camera, to watch a notorious crime spot near Bowes Park over-ground station, was turned down.”

Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green adds:

“It’s really worrying that for months there has been no permanent staff member in such a crucial post – the effective use of CCTV does not simply depend on the cameras but on the people who manage and monitor them.

“With evidence that other aspects of the crime fighting strategy may be suffering as a result, Haringey Council needs to get its act together and recruit a permanent member of staff as soon as possible.”

0 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats demand action as CCTV post remains vacant

  1. Lynne, I hope that Haringey have introduced a sensible CCTV policy which attempts to balance people’s privacy along with the overstated crime-fighting benefits that CCTV provides… would it be the job of that CCTV manager to enforce that policy?

  2. I don’t understand your concern. According to the Home Office, stationing SS on every street corner does not reduce crime, except in car parks. Though the systems encourage more people to report crimes, it turns out most footage recorded by surveillance cameras – if it is recorded – is of insufficient quality to identify perpetrators, and all but 4% of footage is inadmissible as evidence in court. The way we use SS in this country is broken.

    Constant surveillance increases the fear of crime. People presume they’re being watched so closely because there’s an imminent about which they should worry, not to prevent one. A watched society is a fearful society.

    We spend 75% of our crime-prevention budget on SS – £500M in the decade to 2006. If we spent even a tenth of that amount on improving street lighting and urban design – measures proven to reduce crime – we’d both save money and have safer communities. It would also be a more liberal way to tackle crime.

  3. The first impression of Bowes Park is deprivation.
    It is a great shame because the town has full of potentials – very quiet with many period properties and a lovely canal walk. Myddleton Road will be quickly improved if it can attract right people and business who would pay correct amount of tax to the council. It’s so depressing that the best looking building on the street is the funeral director’s.

    In order to regenerate the town, it needs to provide any possible tools to improve crime rate and safety. Bowes Park and Bounds Green definitely need more shops and super markets to meet people’s demand.

    Although it’s nice to have a good community spirit, but there’s a limit to what they can do by themselves. Also, far-left thinking wouldn’t bring safety, security nor prosperity as it’s been proved in North Korea and China before entering the free market economy.