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Screenshot from How To Look Good NakedI have joined forces with Gok Wan and How to Look Good Naked. They contacted me before the summer recess to see if I would help with their campaign to give young people ‘body confidence’. Obviously this fitted in brilliantly with our Liberal Democrat campaign for Real Women.

We Liberal Democrats are campaigning for advertisers to have to label adverts to let readers know if and how much the photography in it has been retouched. With rocketing numbers of ever younger girls with eating disorders – we have said enough is enough. We are also campaigning for the lessons in school to contain issues like body confidence – so it obviously fitted in perfectly with what the campaigning program ‘How to look good naked’ is also doing to make women feel happy in their own skin. They have a young champion, Shona, who has a six minute slot in each program in which she takes her campaign forward particulary targeted on young women and their body image.

When I originally went into my office and one of my staff said that How to Look Good Naked had phoned – I was a bit concerned as to whether I would have to bare all for the campaign. Luckily for both you and me – this wasn’t necessary! According to the program – they approached all three parties but only the Liberal Democrats responded positively.

So – whilst I have explained to the program that campaigning and Parliamentary procedures are long-winded and demand perseverance that doesn’t fit neatly with the demands of TV – we are going to be pursuing the issue through both the program and through Parliamentary means too.

In terms of the program I have advised them to start with a No. 10 petition (as they need to garner support across the poltical spectrum and more importantly have a mandate from the people) and to encourage through the very popular program enough people to write to their own local MP – lobbying them to get involved and support the campaign.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to remove a stitch!

You can (for the moment) still catch the program online. I’m just over 30 minutes in.

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  1. Hi Lynne, I was jumping for joy when I saw you, Shona and your campaign on How to Look Good Naked on Tuesday. I am a personal stylist and am acutely aware of the body issues that most woman have, let alone the vunerable youth of today. (A recent 67 year old client told me that she had NEVER received compliments in her life but since her styling with me they havent stopped).
    No-one should go through life without compliments and when you know how to make the most of yourself, the size and shape you are NOW, it’s easy.
    I believe passionately that we must do whatever we can to help todays teenage girls (I have 2 myself). So please let me know what I can do to further the cause locally and nationally. I have a website, so can add something there.
    Thank you for starting this campaign (fully clothed!) I’m not sure i’m brave enough to go naked either.
    very best wishes

  2. Lynne, so many males have body image issues – not just related to eating disorders but also issues which cause equally harmful behaviors such as steroid abuse and over exercise.

    Jo Swinson has had the decency to acknowledge this reasonably well in this campaign, yet you repeatedly ignore such facts time after time and seek to make everything into a gender issue.

    Exactly which one of you is supposed to be the equality spokesperson again?

    I realsie you can’t please all the people all of the time, and once again you’ve chosen only to help women in your campaign. However, the very least you could do would be to acknowledge the full picture and acknowledge all victims, even if you aren’t interested in helping so many of them.

  3. Lynne,

    The link to Real Women doesn’t appear to be working.

    Just out of interest, any comment on Brian Coleman’s quote this week in the Ham & High that bloggers should be regulated in the same way as internet child abusers?

  4. Rog – link now fixed – thanks for alerting me. As to your second query – as all Brian really wants and craves in life is publicity – wouldn’t encourage him by discussing further.

  5. Harriet Harm-men
    “the very least you could do would be to acknowledge the full picture and acknowledge all victims, even if you aren’t interested in helping so many of them.”
    Liberal feminism, unlike radical feminism, or separatist feminism actively acknowledges that the same issues that harm women harm men. And, by fixing these, we make things better for both sexes and society as a whole. One of the best exponents of this is Lynne Segal’s, see ‘Slow-Motion: Changing Masculinities, Changing Men’ (Virago).

    Both Lynne F and Jo Swinson’s conference speeches illustrated this (I especially liked the lines about consorting and even cavorting with men – it was genius).

    The policy document itself explicitly acknowledges its aim to improve things for ALL in a number ways, for example, under ‘flexible working’ it states that ‘everyone should be able to have a good work-life’ balance, the important role of fathers is stressed, and in point 33 the request element on transport is so ‘women and men’ can be safe.

    These are just a few examples, but men and their vulnerability too, is a factor in the document, it is just less explicitly portrayed.

  6. Dear Lynne,

    I would be more than happy to see you bare all for a good cause.

    Yours admiringly,

    John B