Haringey Council raids schools budget to close funding gap

Over two million pounds have been stripped away from money for Haringey’s schools after the Labour cabinet, last week, decided to spend it on street lights, highways and parks. Local Liberal Democrats have expressed their concern at the decision, saying that Haringey’s Schools Budget, which is already under severe pressure, should not have been raided to fund a financial gap created by Labour’s recession.

On Tuesday (8th September 2009) Haringey Council agreed to divert £2.238 million of money originally allocated by the Government to Haringey’s schools, as part of an attempt to cover up a £5 million black hole in their Capital Budget.

Haringey’s children already receive over £1,000 each less in funding from the Government than neighbouring boroughs.

Cllr Gail Engert, Liberal Democrat Children, Schools and Families Spokesperson, comments:

“Haringey have stripped the council’s coffers clean of cash and are now spending on streetlights, highways and parks money that was allocated to Children’s Services and needed by our children for items such as urgent repairs to our primary schools.

“Labour’s recession hens are coming home to roost and, in Haringey, Labour’s financial incompetence means that, like old Mother Hubbard, the cupboards are bare.”

Lynne Featherstone MP, adds:

“Haringey Council has tried to dress this issue up as Labour bringing forward spending, but it is little more than covering up a massive hole in Haringey Council’s budget created by the effect of Labour’s recession on council finances.

“Our Fair Funding Campaign highlighted the fact that that every child in Haringey already receives over £1,000 less funding than children in neighbouring boroughs. We do not want to now see Haringey Council taking money away from investment in our schools.”