Anger as Haringey misses out on new council homes

Haringey Council has failed to win funding for new council homes despite the London Borough of Haringey’s chronic housing shortage, it has been revealed.

Haringey Liberal Democrats have attacked the ruling Labour administration for their failure to successfully lobby their own government for a better housing deal, following an announcement last week that Labour intends to build 2,000 new homes.

The missed opportunity comes on the back of a string of failures to obtain fair funding deals for Haringey’s residents, including equal per pupil funding for the Borough’s school children and inadequate financial assistance to support people seeking asylum.

Liberal Democrat MP, Lynne Featherstone, has written to the Housing Minister, urging him reconsider the failure to include Haringey in this or future waves of the programme.

Commenting, Lynne Featherstone says:

“My weekly surgery is packed with families who desperately need new homes today. Yet again, Haringey Labour has failed to stick up for these people.

“Now, not only do our school children not get a fair deal, but neither do people waiting to be housed. The case for Haringey is so strong – the Government must reconsider.”

Councillor Matt Davies, Haringey Liberal Democrat Housing champion, adds:

“This is such a disappointment for the Borough, particularly given the urgent housing needs of local residents. Even though the numbers to be built are small, they would have been a step in the right direction.

“How the Labour-run Council could fail make the case for Haringey is beyond me. The Government must change its mind.”

Note: Haringey currently has approximately 12,000 residents on the housing waiting list and 4403 in temporary accommodation.