Haringey hid the truth!

I don’t know where Andrew Gilligan got the information from about the fact that Haringey had placed a child to be fostered with the family where Abdulla Achmed Ali was living – but he must have phenomenal sources. Not a peep, not a dicky-bird had been said by the Council about this latest incident.

At this point whilst we are asking the questions that need to be asked of Haringey – we don’t know how badly or otherwise Haringey has performed in its duties to safeguard children it places in foster care – but unfortunately with Haringey’s track record we can only think the worst. And as there still has been no public inquiry into Child Protection in Haringey – we all suspect that there is much more of this under the radar as this revelation today has demonstrated.

However, what we do know now, is that Haringey Council has known about this for three years and not brought it forward as something that needs to be examined. Again we see Haringey cloak the whole incident in secrecy. Hide it away and hope that no one will find out. It is secrecy that has bread the breathtaking failures in child protection and elsewhere.

Robert Gorrie, Liberal Democrat leader on Haringey Council said of this latest shocking story:

‘Haringey Council vowed during the Baby Peter tragedy that they would end the silence and cover up in Children’s Services yet this shows a Council still committed to a culture of secrecy.

‘How many more cases of Council failures do we not yet know about? Who knew about this fiasco and was keeping it a secret and how many more cases of Haringey Labour failure do we not yet know about?’

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  1. Ali living at that house does seem like its over the top. It may be that he was spreading his stash of incriminating material around.

    The report of the first trial says:

    “Undercover officers watched the unemployed former shop worker use cash to purchase a £138,000 second-floor flat in Forest Road, Walthamstow. They then planted a secret bug that revealed it was converted into a bomb factory where Ali met others to construct the bombs.”

    So did he live there? Or somewhere else with his wife?

    Then “Following his arrest in August 2006, a search of his baby’s cot uncovered two books by influential Muslim extremists, Sheikh Azzam, described as a mentor of Osama bin Laden, and Sayyid Qutb, one of the most important ideological influences on al-Qaida.”

    So is the foster child his son? A son that he could legitimately visit?