Fostered in a terrorist house!

Haringey Labour Council hit the headlines again today – courtesy of investigative journalist Andrew Gilligan of the Standard.

Haringey place a foster child in the family where – now convicted terrorist Abdulla Ahmed Ali of the liquid bomb plot to down seven planes lived! It beggars belief.

Haringey seems to lurch from crisis to crisis – all generally of their own making.

The child was fostered and Abdulla was living there – and apparently reading terrorist tomes which you might think would be a give away.

Of Course the secret services weren’t going to tell Haringey about their surveillance of the suspected terrorist. I know it’s been suggested that they should have somehow tipped the wink at Haringey so that they knew something was up – but the magnitude of the plot and the importance of the operation would have prohibited that. And with MI5 or MI6 watching the house – the baby was better looked out for than most in the borough.

So – it would be down to Haringey’s rigour in terms of their policy on checking on foster parents that was the only gauge as to whether there was anything recognisably untoward in the home. Would Haringey normally know who lives in the house of foster parents? Do they do background checks? Apparently the couple were already foster parents – but did Haringey know a male adult would be living there? Did they visit?

And in the article it also says that someone says that Muslim children must be placed with Muslim foster parents. I don’t know if that is Haringey’s policy – and in an ideal world it might be a good policy – but if it means that there is any lessening of checks – then that cannot be acceptable either.

Many questions need to be asked and answered – because if Haringey could have known and should have known – then they are in the dock again. But we don’t know the answers to that yet.

I suppose that if I was being charitable I could say that Haringey was unlucky – but the amount of times appalling things happen in Haringey makes me believe that Haringey makes its own ‘luck’.