Speaker Bercow – maybe not so modern after all!

Well – having fulsomely praised Speaker Bercow for his brave new world action in calling me from the front bench to ask a question during one of Gordon Brown’s statements – I may now have to take it back!

In the chamber yesterday – I saw Speaker Bercow furiously mouthing to a Conservative on the front bench. Said Tory Member leapt to his feet, ran to the back row – and was duly called by Speaker Bercow.

So have I leapt to praise him too soon? Was he gently chided by the establishment post my post? Was my being called from the front bench mere accident or mistake from a new and inexperienced Speaker?

I bloody well hope not!

0 thoughts on “Speaker Bercow – maybe not so modern after all!

  1. Trouble is, Lynne, Lib Dems like to have their cake and eat it. If you're going to be the Youth and Equalities Spokesperson in what you insist on calling the "Shadow Cabinet" (constitutional sic), then you should accept cabinet collectivity and let the appropriate spokesperson from the front bench reply on behalf of you all. Otherwise be a backbencher.