Concern after Haringey Council silences local resident

Local Liberal Democrats have formally written to the Mayor after the Labour Deputy Leader stopped a Crouch End resident from bringing a deputation to the meeting of the Full Council yesterday. The request, which was to discuss changes to the Crouch End Controlled Parking Zone, was submitted properly and according to Haringey Council’s rules. Yet the Labour Council decided to ignore the appeal, and instead opted to refer all the petitions and the separate deputation to the Cabinet Member for Environment.

Cllr Lyn Weber (Crouch End) comments:

“This is totally unacceptable. It is Haringey Council’s duty to encourage open discussion with residents on issues that concern them and as a bare minimum they should follow their own rules for handling requests for such discussion.

“The decision to effectively ban this resident from speaking at Full Council will only encourage the widely held view that Labour doesn’t listen.

“CPZs can be a difficult and divisive topic and have to be discussed openly and in public. I am furious that these residents have been treated so badly,especially after they took great pains to jump through all the council hoops.”

Cllr Matt Davies, Liberal Democrat Deputy Whip, adds:

“It is clear from this sorry tale that Haringey Council simply picks and chooses which issues it wants to debate in meetings. If they are up against an issue that is not to their liking they brush it under the carpet and refer it away from a public meeting. We must ensure Labour does not abuse Haringey Council’s own rules for managing deputation requests and I have asked Haringey Council for a written account of how this request was handled.”