Haringey's flood scheme sunk by Haringey Council

Despite Government announcements last week that London faces an increased threat of widespread flooding, it has emerged that Haringey Council has abandoned funding for a local flooding relief scheme.

At Haringey Council’s Cabinet meeting on Tuesday (16th June 2009), £72,000 allocated to flood relief was dumped by Labour councillors in order to pay for the over-budget mortuary project.

Local Liberal Democrats have repeatedly criticised Haringey Council’s mortuary project overspends, which have now reached more than £1.5m and have resulted in many projects being cancelled.

Locally, much of Tottenham and Wood Green could be threatened by increased rainfall and a recent environment study said that over 8,000 residential properties are currently prone to flooding.

Last week the Government launched a climate projection report that warns authorities to plan now for changes in weather brought on by climate change.

Bob Hare, Liberal Democrat Environment spokesperson, comments:

“Eight thousand residents’ homes are already under threat from flooding yet Haringey Council has washed their hands of further protection because yet another badly controlled project has gone massively over budget.

“Incompetence and overspends have resulted in Haringey Council having to ditch a flood relief scheme just when we have been told that is exactly what we may need.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“This is another classic example of Labour failing to fix the roof before it rains. Unfortunately it is those residents living in areas that are prone to flooding that will suffer in the long term.”