Haringey Council deceiving residents on recycling

Residents’ efforts to recycle cans, bottles and paper are going to waste because of Haringey Council’s poor method of recycling, the Liberal Democrats have learned.

Recyclers are asked to put their waste into separate sections of recycling bins, like in the new recycling bin installed in Stationers Park recently, but all the different types of recycling is collected together, leading to waste that can only be used for lower quality recycling.

The Liberal Democrats are calling on Haringey Council to mirror the practices in other boroughs, where waste is kept separately and can therefore be used more effectively in creating recycled products.

The Liberal Democrats have found out that Haringey Council used to use this method of separating waste, but have changed to this less effective system.

Bob Hare, Liberal Democrat Environment spokesperson, commented:

“People in Haringey, who are conscious of environmental issues and trying to do their bit, are spending time and effort separating their recycling. Yet, Haringey Council are completely wasting this effort.

“Haringey Council is pulling the wool over the eyes of people who are trying to help them clean up the borough and that is just not on. We need to recycle but we also need to recycle well, and the current system used by Haringey Council is leading to lower quality recycling material that may be contributing to pollution because of the processes needed to decontaminate the waste.”

Lynne Featherstone MP added:

“Recycling is something that people in Haringey care about and a way in which they can do their bit to solve environmental issues. Haringey Council needs to make sure that our recycling is top class but at the moment it is just rubbish.”

0 thoughts on “Haringey Council deceiving residents on recycling

  1. I have just discovered this article and it reverberates with my concerns. Formerly Haringey collected waste that had been categorised into separate bins which we had here at Chettle Court. i could not understand why they then said we should put any recycling waste in any bin. I immediately wondered if they were recycling. It has to be a stupid and inefficient way of doing it. Frankly, I lost interest in recycling my waste after that. so I wonder how many other people felt the same and stopped recycling?

  2. Well – recycling for albeit lower grade product – is still better than not recycling – but it could and should be so much better. And yes – how ridiculous to ask residents to recycle separate materials if they are only going to be mixed together anyway. I suppose the best light you can put it in is practising for the future – when the LibDems take over (hopefully) next May. Although in this economic mess when we finally see the books – can’t imagine what state we will find them in.