Housing in Haringey

Earlier this week, went walkabout with Metropolitcan Housing – who handle a lot of property in Haringey. They were basically showing me the community events they put in their estates and their upgrades to their housing stock. I have to say the standard of the refurb /decoration was very high – and no wonder the tenant I met was very, very, happy. I just wish they had more housing – as the need in this borough is mega and the supply minimal. Of course – in current climate – development is slowing to a trickle.

Then on to HARTS for Families, who I have visited twice before (see here and here). HARTS was having an afternoon of fun and entertainment for the children of their service users and the service users themselves – with some speeches first, of which I was giving one. It was an event to celebrate diversity – and as the compare introduced the different countries represented by children from those countries – it was an absolutely wonderful parade of our many, many communities. Love Haringey!

And of course – al this plays to the backdrop of the Euro-elections – so off canvassing in between times. Seems very friendly out there to the Lib Dems. Although, as ever with the Euros, so many people not at all sure what the EU is all about. So I spent some time telling them! If you missed me, you can find out more about the European elections and our policies here.

0 thoughts on “Housing in Haringey

  1. Lynne,Forgive me if this is a bit ‘off-topic’ but could you please confirm that the LibDems are not about to entertain an invitation to join Captain Brown on the bridge of the Titanic as a promotion to 1st Officer AFTER they have already collided with the iceberg.Nothing is more certain to see your lead over Labour evaporate and plunge you back to third party status.You guys have a real chance to become the real party of opposition – don’t blow it!

  2. Totally agree. Labour are discredited. Brown is discredited. Liberal Democrats will fight any and every election to win Liberal Democrat votes. The more Lib Dem votes – the more Lib Dem MPs – the more Lib Dem policies. That’s where we are!