Police culpable over Baby P death – BBC

That’s the headline on today’s BBC report:

Police mistakes meant a chance to charge Baby P’s mother for assaulting him was missed several weeks before his death, an unpublished report says.

Delays securing an independent medical opinion meant the six-month legal deadline passed within which to charge the mother with common assault.

The report into what happened to Baby P before his death in August 2007 found several police errors.

The Metropolitan Police said it could not comment for legal reasons.

Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, said there had been a “monumental failing” by the police.

You can read more on the BBC site.

0 thoughts on “Police culpable over Baby P death – BBC

  1. Monumental failing is right. It means that social workers alone do not share responsibility despite some being very culpable. Will the senior police official involved face the same fate as Sharon Shoesmith? Will the Sun hound the same official and demand resignations of a number of police, carry their pictures and follow them to restaurants?