Criticism for Haringey Council over road resurfacing

Cracks and potholes have started to appear on a Stroud Green road – only 12 months after the whole road was completely resurfaced. Local Liberal Democrat councillor Richard Wilson has expressed his disappointment that the road is already showing signs of damage after a successful a two-year fight with the Haringey Council to get Weston Park resurfaced last year.Cllr Wilson has demanded answers from Haringey Council as to why potholes have already emerged.

Cllr Richard Wilson, Stroud Green, comments:

“It is ridiculous that potholes and cracks have already started to appear only 12 months since the completion of resurfacing on Weston Park. Local residents will be very disappointed.

“It’s just money down the drain. Soon they have to go back and do it all over again.”

Lynne Featherstone MP, adds:

“The least local residents should expect is that their Council Tax is used wisely, and that road surfacing stands the test of time.

“Clearly a 12 month life line for a street is a bit on the short side. I hope Haringey Council will look into this matter properly and ensure that next time it gets done properly.”