Haringey Council turns blind eye to breaking its own rules

It has emerged that Haringey Council has decided to ignore its own planning regulations even though it has admitted that its actions breach its own rules.

Signs erected by Haringey Council in a flowerbed in Tottenham Lane, Hornsey, breach planning rules but Haringey Council has confirmed that it will not take them down and has closed the file. Local residents and Liberal Democrats have branded Haringey Council’s actions “extraordinary”.

Cllr Robert Gorrie, Hornsey ward, comments:

“You could not make this up – Haringey Council deciding to ignore its own planning rules is an extraordinary farce and potentially a harmful precedent.

“Local residents have raised their own objections to Haringey Council erecting large signs in a conservation area. The flowerbeds are meant to enhance the surrounding area, not add to street clutter and be a ‘cash cow’ for Haringey Council. Yet Haringey Council has thrown the rulebook out the window.

“If Haringey Council fails to respect its own rules then it should not be surprised residents have no respect for either the Council or its rules.

“I will be writing to the director concerned at Haringey Council to get them to explain these double standards.”

Lynne Featherstone MP, adds:

“It just beggars belief that Haringey Council has one rule for itself and another for everyone else.”