Are you tired of just shouting at the telly?

I’m on a mission – to engage more local people to get active in the local political scene – yes – even to become a councillor. Yes you! You may never have thought about it – or you may have thought about it and not known much about what it entailed. So – I want to invite you to come and find out what it is like and what is involved.

It’s really important because on 6th May 2010 the people of Haringey will elect 57 people to represent them. Would you like to be one of them?

With the hard work of our supporters and activists we can win a majority of councillors at the next election, ending over 40 years of Labour rule. This is an amazing opportunity to re-shape the council to make it really listen to the people of our Borough. And you could play a part in that winning team…

Haringey Liberal Democrats are holding an introductory session to help people find out more about becoming a councillor and how they go about it. The key things we will be looking for are people with:

  • Passion for our local community
  • A real desire to help other people and make sure they are heard
  • Real commitment to Liberal Democrat values of openness, equality and localism

If these are things you feel strongly about and you would like to find out how to become more than an armchair activist, please reserve a free place at the upcoming event at 7pm on April 7th. Get in touch to reserve your place.

Our friendly council team come from all walks of life and at these events you will have the opportunity to hear some of their stories. There will also be the chance to answer some of the questions you may have.

This could be your chance to be able to do more than just shout at the telly when you disagree with the way things are run. Being a councillor means you can do something to really influence decisions that affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. We are particularly keen to make sure our team reflects the rich diversity of our Borough. I look forward to seeing you there.