20p to save cherished arts centre

Supporters and local Liberal Democrats are enlisting the help of local residents in an eleventh hour bid to save Jacksons Lane Arts Centre ahead of the Arts Council decision next Wednesday on whether to continue its subsidy.

Current indications are that the Arts Council will not continue to support the centre due to a lack of funding commitment from Haringey Council. The Centre has suggested that a £50,000 commitment towards fundraising would save the centre – the equivalent to only 20p per Haringey resident per year.

In a last-ditch attempt the Liberal Democrats have contacted several thousand local residents by email urging them to lobby Haringey Council to find the funding.

Following heavy lobbying by supporters and local Liberal DemocratMP Lynne Featherstone – who personally visited the Arts’ Council to make the case – Jacksons Lane was given a twelve month reprieve by the Arts Council, which runs on Wednesday.

Many national stars’ talent was nurtured at the venue including David Walliams, Jo Brand and Eddie Izzard.

Lynne Featherstone comments:

“I cannot accept that Haringey Council is willing to see this unique performing arts venue go to the wall. I hope this last ditch attempt will show how much Jackson’s Lane means to our community.

“However, I do have this nagging suspicion that Haringey Council really want Jacksons Lane empty so they can sell the building to plug a hole in their finances. I very much hope I am wrong.”

Cllr Rachel Alison, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Highgate adds:

“I am furious that Haringey Council appear to have washed their hands of Jackson’s Lane.What they classify as supporting the arts includes mending a roof and help while the centre was closed for the roof to be mended. This is what you would expect of a landlord and hardly the acts of a council committed the arts.

“I hope local residents will rally round this last ditch attempt to secure a future for Jacksons Lane.”