The power of Twitter

Spent morning at Microsoft in my role as Chair of the new Technology Advisory Board – and later was on Simon Mayo’s program talking about Twitter. Three other mega-enthusiasts were there too – twittering as the program was live with live responses coming in. Talking of which, Simon Mayo got an email in from one of my constituents asking if I could contact Haringey Council about Fortis Green pavement being extremely icey. After the program – I did – and Haringey said they would go out at once as a priority. The power of Twitter and the Simon Mayo program – whooaaaaaaaa!

0 thoughts on “The power of Twitter

  1. I do hope that as Chair of the Technology Advisory Board, you are not going to be another politician seduced into believing that Microsoft is the answer to all technological advancement. There really does need to be a politician who is well versed in IT to explore the role of Open Source software and the benefits, not least financial it can bring to our economy. Wider use of more secure operating systems would eliminate much of the waste caused by the various viruses, worms etc.We need to break away from dependency on MS software and endless licence fees being sucked out of public budgets.