Bus stop repairs "not good enough" says Nigel Scott

Local Liberal Democrat councillor Nigel Scott has demanded action from Haringey Council bosses after spotting slapdash and inconsistent repairs to bus stops signs near Alexandra Palace Station.

Road repairs at one stop, nearest the station, have been completed but a yellow bus stop sign has not been repainted; at the second stop, the sign has been repainted but only on the repaired piece of road – leaving the rest of the worn sign unpainted.

Nigel Scott has written to demand that Haringey Council ensures that when contractors repair roads they repaint bus stop signs and repaint the rest of the sign too, if needed.

Cllr Nigel Scott (Alexandra ward) comments:

“It is just not good enough that after repairs are done to roads bus stops signs are not repainted or contractors only paint the area they have repaired.

“Surely Haringey Council can ensure the whole sign is repainted when repairs are done to bus stops.”

Lynne Featherstone MP, adds:

“It is ludicrous that Haringey Council cannot get their contractors to repaint signs when repairs are done. It is even worse when they paint part of a sign only on the repair they have completed, and just leave the rest.”