603 bus

The bigwigs from Transport for London came to Parliament to meet with the London Lib Dem MPs to answer specific questions from them. Quite a line up! Tim O’Toole (tube), David Brown (surface transport), Ian Brown (overground) and the Commissioner for Transport – Peter Hendy.

Needless to say my constant refrain is ‘gissa bus’ – and specifically the extension to a full time route for the 603. What is like trying to get blood out of a stone is the cycle where I ask, I get told that a full time route is not financially viable – but then they won’t say what demand level will make it viable. However, today after pushing and pushing the point, David Brown has said that he will finally get back to me with some sort of figure. I could see scepticism in his eye – because he is convinced that the model TfL use to assess viability predicts demand accurately. I say bollocks to that. Anyway – I want to try and prove their model wrong. So – if they say 10 passengers per hour or 20 or whatever – I will find them!

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  1. Do they really know how many people are using the 603? And will they give you figures broken down by journey type? Experience using the buses in central London is that many people do not Touch In, for various reasons (legit and the rest), so don’t get counted. Get on via the driver and flash an ENCTS bus pass (what a failure by DfT to create a brand – these are the outside London issued bus passes for the elderly and disabled) and the driver might, just might occasionally press a button on the ticket machine.

  2. Hello, I live in Muswell hill and I’ve just landed a job in hampstead. It’s impossible to drive there because there is no where to park, the tube takes so long. So the only sensible way is bus, the 603. Surely the council aren’t going to remove it!!! There is no other way to easily get across north without having a nightmare.

  3. Hi Jennifer – I haven’t heard anything about the bus route being removed – have you? And it wouldn’t be the council – it would be Transport for London. Let me know if you have heard something about this – as it is a vital route for school children as well as others who like you, work in Hampstead and have this impossible journey.

  4. Hi,
    When I went to school in Hampstead, I never made it out of school in time to catch this bus, even when I ran for it and skipped extra curricular activities. Instead, it would take me about an hour and a half to get home via Golders Green, or even 2 hours on a really bad day. Im sure tfl could make savings from scaling back other bus services – like the W7 into a single deck bus, and make the 603 more regular? I’ve been looking for a job at the royal free, but the thought of those transports issues really puts me off the idea of working there.

    Thinking about it- It must make tfl so much more money to have such a fragmented service.