Joyce Vincent film being made

Catching up on a couple of things from earlier in the week – to Wapping on Thursday to be interviewed for a film. No – sadly not becoming a movie start! Carol Morley, a film-maker, interviewed me about the tragic death of Joyce Vincent who was found dead in her flat in Sky City (above Wood Green shopping city) and who had been dead for about two years. There were half-wrapped Christmas presents on the floor, the TV was on and the window was open with a billowing curtain.

We all said ‘how tragic’, how could it happen, where were the neighbours, where was her family, what about utilities, what about Housing Association rent arrears and so on and so on. She had been at one time a victim of domestic violence – but that was past. In the end there was no foul play – but the haunting nature of the case made me pursue various strands for some months – long after the media circus had left town.

Well – Carol came to interview me then – and now she has found the funding and is making a movie about Joyce. She has found out more than the journalists, more than the police, more than anyone – and I’m not going to say here what she found – but it will make a riveting film and it will be a tribute to this woman who we all felt so bad about and about whom virtually nothing was known.

Then it was to the Whittington Hospital for a flu jab. I always have the jab (am asthmatic) but usually at my doctor’s surgery – but to publicise the need for people who are older, have diabetes or asthma – want to raise the profile. No doubt very special treatment as the Head of Nursing gives me the jab. Thanks Camilla!

Then visited the newly doubled in size and refurbished wards for extremely premature babies. They were so tiny – it’s unbelievable how the babies survive. It’s not just the equipment – but also the completely dedicated and committed team of nurses and consultants who work round the clock to protect and nurture these tiny lives.