How to cut your fuel bills and help the environment

Real pleasure last week to visit Camden with my colleague Cllr Ed Butcher to meet their green champion – Alexis Rowell – and see the eco-house they’ve put together.

It is a five bedroom council property refurbished to the highest energy saving specification, including wall insulation on exposed walls, double-glazed sash windows and solar heated water and electricity.

The Camden refurbishment was wholly funded by grants and sponsorship. It is envisaged that Haringey’s eco-house would follow the same model and act as a demonstration home on the possibility of the high standard energy saving in older properties.

The measures have achieved an 80% reduction of carbon emissions and energy bills and have raised the official energy saving rating of the property from G to B, a significant accomplishment for a Victorian property. The photovoltaic solar panels are expected to produce twice as much electricity as the house will need giving the owner the opportunity make money from selling the excess electricity.

What the Liberal Democrats have accomplished in Camden is pretty impressive. It is about practical solutions that people can implement.

When it comes to climate change a council has to do more than just council meetings and print glossy brochures. We need to help people make greener choices.

0 thoughts on “How to cut your fuel bills and help the environment

  1. Is there somewhere where we can find an itemised cost for this work, perhaps with descriptions of each item so that we could relate it to our own properties?

  2. I’d suggest contacting Cllr Alexis Rowell (LibDem) at Camden Council who would be able to answer more detailed questions on the eco-house. I know that the special insulation was around £19,000 and the windows around £24,000.

  3. never mind global warming and all that Lynne what about the political climate which has once more put me on the scrap heap, so you can bet I feel the cold this Christmas. I expected more of you having listened to your old man seems your not into serious issues. singed UB40