Ten most popular blog postings (3rd quarter, 2008)

In reverse order, here is my now traditional listing of the ten postings which have proved the most popular over the last three months:

10. A nine-word summary of what is wrong with so much of our tabloid journalism – I don’t always like what I read in the papers!

9. How lottery money is being spent in Muswell Hill – good news for the area.

8. How not to fight terrorismmore Big Brother control freakery from Labour.

7. Jerry Springer: The Opera DVD – a blast from the past, this post is from 2005 – just goes to show some stories never die!

6. Iris Robinson, again – appalling anti-gay comments from one of Northern Ireland’s most prominent politicians (see also no.3).

5. Ten most popular blog postings (2nd quarter, 2008) – nice to see these round-ups are worth doing!

4. New dentist practice in Haringey – surprised this posting came out so popular – but I guess it shows just how hard it is to find a good local dentist – and so any news about new dentists is of interest.

3. Iris Robinson – more about her and bigotry.

2. My top ten political blogs – all getting a bit self-referential here! But find out whose blogs I like to read…

1. Polling day should not be on Yom Kippur – re. Alexandra ward by-election, where given a choice of dates, Haringey Council chose to put polling day on Yom Kippur.