Richard Wilson demands urgent action on dangerous electricity sub-station

Liberal Democrat councillor Richard Wilson (Stroud Green) is demanding urgent action after a seven-year-old boy climbed into a dangerous electricity sub-station on a Stroud Green housing estate.

The sub-station at Chettle Court, Ridge Road has no roof and is next to an area where children play football.Residents had planted prickly bushes around the walls to discourage children from climbing in – but these were ripped out by Haringey Council.

The incident happened in August when the seven-year-old climbed into the sub-station to collect a football that had been kicked over the wall.Not only did the child risk electrocution, but he could have been trapped – as it is much harder to climb out than in.

Chettle Court residents want Homes for Haringey and EDF Energy (who own the sub-station) to take urgent action to make the site safe. Cllr Wilson contacted Homes for Haringey on 31 August, but despite promises from them and EDF, almost a month later the site remains dangerous.

Cllr Richard Wilson comments:

“I am angry that EDF Energy and Homes for Haringey have failed to act.I contacted Homes for Haringey as soon as residents told me about this frightening incident. A child could quite easily have been killed, and all the residents are obviously very anxious for the sub-station to be made safe.All it needs is a roof, so that footballs cannot be kicked over the wall, and children cannot climb in.

“This site needs to be made safe as soon as possible. It has been over one month since I raised this serious issue with Haringey, yet the substation remains dangerously unprotected. It is totally unacceptable.”