What the journalists missed

Just watching the news. Oh my God! What an idea the Conservatives have come up with – a high speed rail link from London to the North! But hey – wasn’t that something the Liberal Democrats announced ages ago? Another one bites the dust. What really cheeses me off isn’t the Conservatives nicking our ideas – they clearly need them – but the lack of any credit for it. Strangely enough none of the broadcast news I saw mentioned the fact that the Liberal Democrats have been beating this drum for some time.

So the question is not – how can we stop Tories nicking our ideas – because we can’t. The question is how can we get broadcasters to mention the fact that this was a Liberal Democrat idea at the same time they break the news about the Conservatives now adopting it? Now – that’s a bit of fairness that fails to materialise regularly. So Mr and Ms Journalist – next time, how about it?

0 thoughts on “What the journalists missed

  1. But did the LDs adequately make the link (sic) with Heathrow? The win, win trick is to be able to seamlessly move from plane to high speed train and the other way.