Liberal Democrats welcome end to KFC advertising

News that banners advertising Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in Crouch End will be removed this week has been welcomed by local Liberal Democrats. The news came in response to probing questions by Liberal Democrats asking Haringey Council how the banners were allowed in the Crouch End conservation area.

Liberal Democrats have consistently criticised Haringey Council for cluttering local areas with garish banners and have led the campaign demanding their removal. Last week Lynne Featherstone MP also contacted KFC directly to ask them to abort their advertising campaign.

Cllr David Winskill, Crouch End, commented:

“It is incredible that Haringey Council would flog off advertising in one of our town centres to fast food outlets in the first place – it is even more incredible it has needed the end of the contract to get these things off our streets.

“These banners are gaudy, tasteless and unwanted in an area like Crouch End. This is a council obsessed with advertising with little thought of the impact on local communities and residents living in a conservation area.

“Now Haringey Council should at least make sure that future contracts only allow appropriate advertising sensitive to the local area but banning the banners must be their first objective.”

Lynne Featherstone MP added:

“It good news that Haringey Council has finally seen the light, but this is only one battle in the battle to preserve our conservation areas. I very much hope KFC will still respond to my plea to not use this obtrusive advertising in the future. I will continue to confront any organisation that fails to respect the special character of our unique parades.”