It's Residents' Survey time

Lynne Featherstone delivering a surveyI’ve just launched my annual Residents’ Survey in Hornsey & Wood Green to find out (as I do every year) what are the issues at the forefront of people’s minds in every street – from the big issues to the small piece of casework that no-one has got round to raising in-between times.

The survey is delivered by local volunteers (and me) – and it takes an army. The survey started with the Muswell Hill team back in 1997, when we only covered one ward. It rapidly spread over the next few years to cover the whole constituency, and has continued so since I’ve become MP. This year it is a four-page survey and it is going to over 84,000 people in 47,000 households.

The survey is an opportunity for local residents to tell me what they think of services such as schools and the police as well as to bring to her attention any particular local issues needing action. Local residents can also highlight issues that they would like raised in Parliament.

If you’d like any extra copies of the survey or if your survey goes astray (as with one person who has just emailed saying their dog chewed it up!), just get in touch.