Something I should have done previously

Friday saw – after my advice surgery – a meeting met with our new Borough Commander – David Grant. He served in Haringey when Highgate Police Station was still open (oh – those were the days) and at Hornsey Police Station – so is familiar with the terrain! We ranged over the ills of the world, policing, where resources should be put and so on and so forth. This was our first meeting – so think we were trying to sus each other out. Seemed to have heart and head in right place.

Lynne Featherstone getting a donor card from Clive Denham in Wood GreenThen earlier today went to meet Tottenham and Wood Green Rotary Club members who were manning a stall at Wood Green Shopping City to get people signed up to carry a Donor Card. As you can see from the photo – I signed up. I’ve always meant to. Been, if I am honest, a bit squeamish about death stuff, and put it off and put it off. And that’s the whole point – by having a stall and having it all there with the forms to fill in and the box to post it in – all done in an instant. So finally – I’ve done it. And am sure lots of other people are just the same – mean to – but somehow don’t get round to it.

I’m pictured with Clive Denham, President of Tottenham and Wood Green Rotary Club, in Wood Green Shopping City.

And if you want to become a Donor Card carrier yourself, just visit the NHS website and register online.